Meet Tunde


Hey there, I’m Tunde.

I’m a husband to a beautiful wife, a father of 1 beautiful daughter, a lover and creator of music, sometimes a teacher, but all the time a student of life. I believe that all of us fundamentally want the same thing in life. No matter what culture, race, class, or religion we hold, we all just want to be happy. Sure we go about it through different ways. Whether we’re looking for a job, looking to leave a job, saving up for a house, meditating in caves, drinking and partying the night away, working 80 hour weeks, getting married, getting divorced, spending time with friends, or spending time alone, everyone’s end goal is the same. We’re all looking for fulfillment in some way.

The problem I’ve found is that most of us look for that fulfillment out in the world, and since things in the world change so quickly, our feeling of happiness is short-lived. Not only that, but when we base our happiness and value on things that are happening outside of us, once those things change we lose our sense of value.

My work revolves around flipping the narrative and shifting our focus from the outside world to our inner world. Where our true power exists. Once we explore our inner world, we discover that the fulfillment and happiness that we were so desperately seeking in the outside world, already exists inside of us. But wait, it doesn’t just stop there. Since what we see in the outside world is a mirror reflection of what we see inside ourselves, once we discover the power in ourselves, we discover our power out in the world. In other words, I believe we can have it all, from inner-fulfillment to material wealth. And I’m dedicated to helping people rediscover their true unlimited human potential.  

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"Your only limitations are the ones you self impose"

-Tunde Akin